About Calauit Island


The Busuanga Island. It is located at the northernmost part of the province of the Palawan. It has a total land area of over 52, 000 hectares.The approximate travel time from Puerto Princesa City, the provincial capital, is 12 hours by sea and one hour and 30 minutes by air. It has predominantly rough mountainous soils with a rolling and hilly terrain on its western part.

The level areas, mostly devoted tom rice production and fruit trees, abound with San Miguel loam and Busuanga loam type of soil. The wet season start from July and ends in October. The rest of the year is dry.

The Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary in Busuanga in the northern Calamianes Islands is home to exotic and endemic species of animals that roam freely in its verdant hills and plains. Palawan is the home of Palawan Monkeys, Palawan Parrots, Palawan Bear cats, Palawan Peacock, Mongoose, Scaly Ant Eater, Porcupine, and mouse deer.

Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is located on Calauit Island at the northwest tip of Busuanga. The area has undulating topography ranging from narrow coastal plains through widespread grasslands to low ranges of hills which stretch across the land from northeast to southwest.

The Island is exposed to the southwest monsoon and rough seas in the third quarter- and calm seas prevail in the second quarter of the year. Average mean temperature of the island is 27.6 Degrees Celsius.

Species of Animals in the Calauit as of year mid-2000





Exotic Animals : Bushbucks, Elands, Giraffes, Impalas, Waterbucks, Zebras






Indigenous Animals : Calamian Deer, Mouse Deer, Palawan Peacock Pheasant, Palawan Bearcat, Crocodile, Wild Pig




Marine Animals : Dugong, Sea turtles, Giant clam



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